ZERO Devices Z802B revision Dual Core Mini Android PC


The chinese brand ZERO Devices launched the Z802 revision called Z802B. Older motherboard mounted an AllWinner A10 SoC, now it has been replaced by RockChip RK3066 Dual Core. Specifications are very similar, but it is too much faster than the old version. For those who like this case (also used later by Rikomagic’s MK802 and anothers) it’s a good option at this moment. Of course the ZERO Devices Z802B comes with authenticity card from factory and serial number to avoid copies.

ZERO Devices Z802B
ZERO Devices Z802B

Main specifications:

Android 4.1

RockChip RK3066 / 1.6GHz Cortex-A9

1GB DDR memory

4GB Storage

Update: Now Z802B also supports Bluetooth


VIA: AsiaPads