Giayee – The new Android TV Ball

Giayee - Android TV Ball
Giayee - Android TV Ball

This is a good design for an Android TV Box, or maybe we must say “Android TV Ball”? Anyway from the Giayee you will find same things inside but with a beautiful case. Black and orange (I thought backlit, but just a LED light inside), soft when you touch the surface… really good feeling!

Android TV Ball
Giayee Android TV Ball

Ok, maybe we forget for a while “the outside” and look at “the inside” of the Giayee Ball. It seems there are two versions of this device. The one we are talking about now is powered by Amlogic M3 SoC. It has 1Gb DDR and 4GB storage. Of course we can connect to the network by WiFi or LAN (by RJ-45 port on the back). There is a panel that provides us some connections as HDMI 1.3, AV, two USB ports, one TF port, power and also we can find a Reset small button.

The Giayee Android TV Ball runs perfect, no any surprise here. Android 4.0 playing videos, music, surfing the web, downloading apps and so on, I will not explain now what is android right? Also we can use the included remote control, but we always like to recommend a flymouse like ZERO Devices RC11, a Rii or a simple wireless mouse. That is how you can get all the Android TV Boxes power. Anyway you can use the remote when watch movies using the Android box ball as a media center.

This device includes in the box all that we need. “The ball”, AC adaptor, RC, HDMI cable and AV cable (that’s good if you have an old TV). So just open the box and play.


The back pannel is accesible and the design and materials quality is really good.


If you like the design, a Giayee Android TV Ball is a great option for $79.