PHABLETS – Phone + Tablet is the new trend!

Phablet is a new word in the electronics world. Just mix “phone” + “tablet” and we have this “new” market niche. In fact, it’s not really new as these kind of devices was available from maybe two years ago in China. A brand like SciPad launched in that moment a version of tablet called “Prodigy” that allowed to place a SIM card inside and call. 7 inches tablet PC with phone function is not a Phablet? I think so.

Now, after some brands shown their new and original products in the fair, this (again) “new” concept is going famose. Actually the phablets are around 5 inches screen, but it’s not clear when is a “phone” or when is a “tablet”. Maybe in coming days it will be clear.

There are some phablets in the market now, and if we remember the chinese tablet + phone soon they will be hundreds of models available. If this kind of product is accepted by the final customers we can be sure will have lots for choose. Actually Dual-Core and even Quad-Core powered by MTK6577 & MTK6588 can be found for sale.

Why to buy a phablet? A large screen is a good reason for some people, while anothers prefer smaller. A 5 inch device is not easy to keep in the pocket, also the weight can be a problem (and maybe the battery life?) But we can be honest… play games or watch videos is total different now. Also write from the Android virtual keyboard (half screen) looks easier from the navigation point of view. Obviously, we can find lovers and detractors, but no indifferent people.

How to buy a phablet now? Well, it’s easy, shops are begining to sell. I’m sure you will get some advertisement (and a lot of spam) trying to sell the last and wonderful model.

In AsiaPads we can find PHABLETS directly from China market.