RK3288 Rockchip, the beast is coming with Cortex-A17 and Mali T764

RK3288 Rockchip - Cortex A17 - Mali T764
RK3288 Rockchip - Cortex A17 - Mali T764

A long time waiting and finally Rockchip launched its RK3288 and it looks like is going to be the best and faster chinese system on a chip. A beast with an ARM Cortex-17 quad core and Mali T764. This new SoC can play 4K (Ultra HD) videos and handle h.264 & h.265. Of course we’re going to see them in the coming days.

One of the first Android TV Boxes is the ZERO Devices Z6C “Beast”, this company has been waiting for Rockchip and delayed its first project (3188) as they thought the new RK3288 will be the best option. That’s sure, no other can beat them now. This is the first SoC in the market based on Cortex-17 Quad Core CPU, the first real 4K2K player.


Here we can see first promo: ZERO Devices Z6C – RK3288


Most of times we all speak about GPUs and few times about VPU, the RK3288 supports AVS, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VC-1,VP8, MVC with up to 1080p@60fps. The motherboard can mount eMMC memory up to 4GB and it probably will come with 8-16GB storage. Of course we are able to enjoy WiFi (even 5Ghz band), Bluetooth 4.0, LAN, built-in mic, HDMI, 3 USBs and 1 micro USB with OTG.

We think this new motherboards with RK3288 from Rockchip will be available for shipping after one month probably, but maybe you can pre-order one on the next weeks. It’s known some companies open a pre-order time and that is a good oportunity to get your new “beast” as probably after that it will be out of stock 1 or 2 weeks. We will inform if there is a chance to get one from ZERO Devices website or authorized resellers.

These “TV Boxes” are called now “Mini PC” as its size is really small compared to a normal PC desktop, lower consumption and high performance are another good points to seriously think about take one of these. We know the new RK3288 boards are running Android 4.4.2 KitKat and everything is being tested at this moment. Some of the main manufacturers have sent their samples to Rockchip for debugging last week and now, after get the OK, they are hard working on the final products.

This is a real run to the market, so we recommend you don’t lose your head reading about how powerful is the hardware, let the good and experienced companies work and they will send a good product to you finally. Pre-order is good, even better than try to buy the first Rockchip RK3288 board available. Also some firmware updates will come later and some ROMs will be “coocked” by the community. So choose a known brand is very important as well as if they are a good manufacturer and usually launch updates.


RK3288 - ZERO Devices Z6C Beast
RK3288 Rockchip – ZERO Devices Z6C Beast

The Z6C project is going to support gaming, VOIP service and some other interesting things. Of course the RK3288 is a powerful beast, but it also need a good software and new ideas behind the box. It looks like something new is coming, not just an “Android TV Box”, but a complete services and entertainment PC.

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