Beelink M8 / S82 vs M8 Box – Comparision of these Amlogic S802 4K players

Beelink M8 / S82 vs M8 Box

It’s time for 4K media player based in Android OS. First round for the Amlogic S802 SoC based, so we can compare today Beelink M8 / S82 vs M8 Box. Same name, different bodies. Who will win to be the king? Let’s see.

4K-TV BOX, which model will you choose?



  • In one hand we have the Beelink M8, it adopts circular design and CD vein in the surface, under lighting, it displays CD surface’s gloss, very beautiful.
  • M8 Box adopts square design, there isn’t any special handling on the surface. Finish is not so good.
  • Beelink M8/S82 and M8 almost have the same interfaces, Beelink M8/S82 adopts TF slot, M8 Box adopts SD slot.
  • Beelink M8/S82 has OTG port, but M8 Box doesn’t have (WTH is this???).
  • It is strange that M8 Box didn’t  mount power button (that thing in the front is just a light). The Beelink M8/S82 has button.
  • M8 Box has the connectors reversed, they designed a reversed motherboard.
Beelink M8/S82 vs M8 Box connectors
Beelink M8/S82 vs M8 Box connectors



Well, here is where we found the biggest difference. The Beelink M8 / S82 was well constructed, every part make sense. The cooling scheme is good and double-sized. Check the pictures and remember the S82 is the neutral version of Beelink M8 (round), both are exactly same inside. But later you will see the differences with the M8 Box (squared):


Beelink M8/S82 vs M8 Box motherboard cooling
Beelink M8 / S82 vs M8 Box motherboard cooling
Beelink M8 construction
Beelink M8 construction diagram


In the other hand, the squared M8 Box where we are really dissapointed. There is a metal piece too, but this one does not look in cooperation with heat cooling, so it’s making this box heavy without any reason. Also we want to think, that WiFi antenna was not used before in a faulty unit and later was re-used again. If you are the manufacturer reading this, please, look at these things too.

M8 Box "heavy metal" part
M8 Box “heavy metal” part
M8 Box - Amlogic S802 motherboard
M8 Box – Amlogic S802 motherboard
Amlogic S802 TV Box
Amlogic S802 TV Box


Now we will put our attention in the really deep design. The Beelink again punches in the M8 Box “stomatch”. No ESD protection ICs, less capacitors, holes and screws too near some components… well, it looks like that guys was really hurry to finish work or they just wanted save money from important components. But we don’t see a big difference price between them.

Beelink M8 - Review
Beelink M8 / S82 – M8 Box
Beelink board vs M8 Box board
Beelink board vs M8 Box board



Beelink M8/S82 vs M8 Box Accessories
Beelink M8/S82 vs M8 Box Accessories



Clearly the Beelink M8 / S82 is better in hardware. It looks like th M8 Box was designed just to take advantage of the name “M8” choosen by Beelink and lack of lots of components, someones are not contempled in the board, but anothers like the ESD protection are clearly not mounted just for money saving. We also got some problems playing 4K videos with the M8 Box (not full screen displayed, just a 1/3 part). The conclusion is Beelink M8 / S82 and M8 Box must compete in different leagues. High ending – Low ending.

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