Navsoso-H2 is a smart car navigator with HUD – Rockchip PX3 new generation

Technology from HUD (head-up display), applied on a car. Navsoso-H2 smart car navigation HUD.

After carrying Rockchip PX3 is mounted Navsoso intelligent vehicle navigation HUD does not allow the original car owners can also enjoy HUD‘s scientific and technological progress, through the air imaging technology, the projection of navigation information related to the vehicle in front of 2-3 meters, making driving members see the road at the same time you can see the navigation information, do not repeatedly focus, make driving safer.

Powered by quad-core processors PX3, the depth of customization Android System

Navsoso-H2 car navigation HUD intelligent vehicle applications is using Rockchip PX3 quad-core processor, the depth of customization based on Android system, carefully crafted HUI systems, using multi-core + multi-CPU system, security and stability.

Intelligent optical display guarantees depends not bow

Navsoso-H2 intelligent optical display lets you see the road at the same time, we can not bow to get navigation, traffic conditions and other information, enjoy safe driving experience rapidly.


Perfect fit smartphones, achieve a deeper level of function

Navsoso perfect fit for your smart phone, using the depth of customization Andrew system, achieve more and deeper secondary functions. In addition to implementing navigation, hands-free phone, music player and other functions, while providing a car networking services.



Multi-screen simultaneous display, phone navigation correct

Divide the left and right main and auxiliary two screens that can simultaneously display a variety of information clearly.


Humane HUD navigation, Taking a gesture recognition + intelligent voice recognition

Taking a gesture recognition: namely the right gesture to answer the call, then hang up the left. Caller ID does not have to look down, but not to touch-screen buttons.

Smart voice recognition: While driving your car you just simply issue voice commands, you can perform a variety of operations.


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