EXODUX launching the EX1 Android TV Box Quadcore 2Ghz and 16-bits RAM for $15 (early bird)


From ExoDreams factory in China we found a new Android TV Box. It is named EXODUX EX1 and includes interesting features.

At first look, we notice a really competitive price compared to other similar products. Exodux is offering the EX1 for usd15 as early bird and its final price wil be $17 only what is lower than others at same level.

The most important is probably the RAM. This Android Box mounts 16-bits modules and that allow us to display higher resolution graphic interface. While most of low priced boxes (as those based in Amlogic S905W) mount 4-bits RAM and the UIs are locked to 720p, the EX1 can render a real and smooth 1080p graphic layer and 4K@60fps video.

Another interesting feature is the SoC, an Amlogic S905L with four cores clocked to 2Ghz while others just run at 1.2-1.6Ghz. Its GPU is a pentacore Mali-450 as others of the S905 series.

EXODUX EX1 - Android TV Box IPTV

We can also find another comon things as WiFi (good reception as we tested), Ethernet LAN, HDMI and a couple of USB ports. The power supply is 12v-1A.

The Exodux EX1 is a good bet for IPTV usage where the RAM bandwidth is crucial. A perfect option for IPTV operators who are looking for a device that matches their requirements.

On the other hand, ExoDreams is also developing ExoTV, an IPTV application compatible with Stalker Middleware up to the latest version as you can see on this video:

As some of the designers from Tanix Box team and other experienced guys are personally involved on this project we expect to find good surprises on software development as they did with ALICE UX and other features that we can find on those devices and became very popular.

If you need more info, just visit Exodux Official website or their Exodux Facebook page.

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